Will & Marissa – King Edward’s Road

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Will & Marissa – King Edward’s Road

“The fifth and final estate agent I had invited to value my property sat across my dining table from me. He looked and talked more like a calm & passionate architect than an estate agent in pitch mode. I liked him, but could I trust this man to get the highest price for my home?

“If like me you ever find yourself in the difficult situation of needing to choose between Aucoot and another agency, go with Aucoot.

“From the moment John McDavid arrived to photograph my property accompanied by artisan bread & pastries to dress the kitchen with, I knew I’d made the right choice. He is a delight to work with – amiable & flexible on the outside but a seasoned negotiator & conveyancer at the core. His reassuring and consistently wise advice made the process of selling something I loved almost enjoyable.

“And the price he achieved?

“20k more than the most optimistic number given by other agencies. After 10 days on the market.”


Will Smith
Architectural Designer

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