We explore the role that design plays in our homes. Our journal includes stories told to us by some of our favourite artists, designers, crafters, makers and friends.

Patrick Michell - Platform 5 architects - Backwater - Aucoot Estate Agents - thumbnail
Five more well-designed UK holiday homes
Design Classics.
Kartell Componibili
Harp Studio - Mole Cottage - Harp Cottage - Aucoot Estate Agents - All Rights Reserved
Aucoot Visits.
Mole Cottage by Harp Studio
The Maker.
Lewis Kemmenoe
The Photographer.
Alister Thorpe
Lesley Bramwell - Fragrance Your Home - Aucoot Estate Agent - LS Cover Image
How to.
How to fragrance your home well
The Formosa House - Aucoot Estate Agents - All Rights Reserved
Aucoot's Favourites.
The Formosa House
Jeska and Dean Hearne - Kalina Krawczyk - Aucoot Estate Agent - 2
The Photographer.
Kalina Krawczyk
Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard - House of Finn Juhl - Aucoot Estate Agent
Design Classics.
Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard
Ben Allen - Keeling House
Aucoot's Favourites.
Ben Allen
thumbnail_Architecture of Transit_©Sue Barr_Napoli_2_CF0012770 - Aucoot Estate Agent
The Photographer.
Sue Barr
george nelson ball clock - vitra - landscape crop - aucoot estate agent
Design Classics.
George Nelson’s Ball Clock
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